Why use an estate agent? A peek behind the scenes.  

In most northern European countries the services of an estate agent are paid for by the buyer. In Spain however, this service is free of charge! How is this possible? And are you better off with an estate agent?

“Free” does not mean that in Spain the buyer’s estate agent will not get paid. He is. But for the purchase price of a house it does not matter whether there is also an estate agent involved that services the interests of the buyer. It does mean that the estate agent of the seller has to share his commission with the other agent. But he wouldn’t mind as in Spain houses are being sold by different parties (not just bij one estate agent). Therefore the property could have been sold by another estate agent of the seller.

Prior to the inverkoopname the commission is agreed upon by the seller and his estate agent. As this is already determined, the presence of a buyer’s estate agent does not influence the selling price.

But then again, why would you need an estate agent?
The answer to this question: if you have found yourself a valuable estate agent, it will save you time and trouble, and give you comfort, reassurance and a better deal. Someone who knows the area, property market, legal procedures and has a local network. Moreover, someone who services only your needs and not the sellers.

Will an estate agent not ask anything from me?
He will: Commitment. That’s what an estate agent needs to be able to do its job properly. Without commitment from those looking for a house a purchasing agent has no mandate. So it is very important to clear and transparent about this.